Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the news and the space man!

If you've ever been into my back office you may have seen some of my magazine covers. I have a Bachelor's in Communications/Print Journalism. In layman's terms, journalism. LOL. I have done freelance work for The Florida Times Union since I was a teenager. And I'm still in there about twice a month.

But I also do work for tons of other publications. I have written or done photography for a lot of local publications. I have also done work for small and large publications all over the country. I love my job! Most of all I love the diversity of my work. I love being able to do a newspaper story one day and meeting interesting people and then having a client come to the studio and having a good time shooting them.

This week I have been approached about possibly being in two new publications for me. I don't want to spill the beans to early, so I'll show you a couple of pics from my most recent newspaper story instead.

I did a story about a new program called Science Matters!, Duval county is only one of 15 school districts in the country participating. As part of the event a former NASA astranout, "Hoot" Gibson, showed up. I met with him after the event, he had the most beautiful blue eyes and was very sweet. Unfortunately, the TU doesn't want shots of this guy's gorgeous eyes as their main photo, they want action. LOL.

The story should be running soon, watch for it! I'll upload more photos after it runs. Until then, I just love photos like this where you get everyone's profile. BTW, Hoot is the one in the blue uniform.