Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tattooed fun

Mandy and Holly are two fun,hard rock-smoking-tattooed sisters that came in over the holidays to create some suprise photos for their spouses and to just have a little fun. They wanted something sexy, but fun and they used a combination of props we had in studio (including a wedding dress!) and some they brought of their own (from a guitar to an old hat box!).

The sisters together:
Mandy's arm tattoo:

Being a little moody with the lighting:
(The left one of Mandy is cropped to cover her bottom!)

Pretty in pink:

I love photo shoots like this! Holly and Mandy were great to work with. They were open to ideas and brought ideas with them as well.

It was a great chance to have a little fun and try some new ideas. Holly and Mandy seemed to have fun and from what I hear their husbands loved the photos!

In fact I got this note from Holly's husband the day after Christmas: "The pics were amazing thank you so much, they turned out so rad!!" Her husband, is part of a cool musical concept called Plastic Musik, Check 'em out on Myspace or on their website.