Thursday, February 28, 2008

Abigail & Aaron's Vow Renewal

Abigail & Aaron hired me to come photograph their wedding vow renewal. They went all out for it, and it looked like it was their first wedding. Probably because, Abigail said that when they first got married the film was double exposed so they didn't have ANY photos from then.

They had a beautiful location in Fernandina on the water. Of course, being near the water means that the bugs were out in full force and Abigail was swatting bugs all down the aisle. And I completely forgot my bug spray!

Abigail is pregnant with their third child and her poor legs and fingers were swollen. I wanted to get some creative shots of their rings, but hers wouldn't budge, so I decided to try something a little different than normal for the ring shots.

I got a message on Myspace from the bride saying: "The pics on the site are gorgeous. I absolutely love them. Thank you so much."

I love this one.
They did their wedding at right before sunset, so by the time we made it out by the water, the sun was setting, so I went with it.