Friday, February 1, 2008

Brenda's Session

Brenda came in a couple of weeks ago. She wanted a sexy photo shoot to give to her boyfriend. I have been holding off from posting them because we were scared he would find them before she gave them to him.

I got this message from her yesterday:
Thanks so much for the pics! LOL Was too much fun! I'd do it every day if I could. AND of course I couldn't wait.. I gave them to him already!!! ; ) Think he liked them! Thanks again!

Here are a couple of pics from Brenda's session.

This is in front of our building, Brenda wanted to have a little fun with her trench coat.
That's right, the book's upside down!

This was one of her Halloween costumes, I pulled out a police mag I get (I do a lot of photographing police officers and get a lot of mags) and she used it as a prop.
There were tons more, but most aren't suitable for general posting!!!

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