Friday, February 8, 2008

Cute crochet hats!

I am really big on supporting small businesses and work at home moms. I've been that way long before I opened my own company. One of my favorite places to buy cool homemade stuff is Etsy.

I have also found a lot of cool stuff on the web. One of the most recent items I've gotten are these cute crochet hats. I am crafty (if you read the Times Union every year during Halloween, I create the last minute Halloween costumes) but I haven not been able to get past granny squares when it comes to crocheting.

Crochet *D* Lane has some of the cutest crochet items and she could probably make you custom stuff. Yesterday I saw that she had crochet shirt for little girls--way too cute. Here is her myspace page.

And this one is a new prop that I put little Thayer in. I sooo love this prop! If anyone is looking for a model, let me know, this little guy is perfect for print work and he just laughs when his momma is singing! Tooo CUTE!