Monday, February 4, 2008

In W. Philladelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days...

On the way home from the Poconos yesterday we decided to get a history lesson and stop in Philly. We went and saw the Liberty Bell and walked around the area and saw where the Declaration of Indepence and other historic papers that are the background of our society took shape.

This is the building where the original Liberty Bell hung and also where all those historic papers were debated and signed. I love this shot because the sun was coming up over the building and I just dealt with the rays and let them be there own art.
In the foreground I wanted to bring to focus the old brick along the walkway and the general scene. It was just nice. I love history, and it kind of reminded me of the roads of St. Augustine.
This is the original Liberty Bell, crack and all. A lot of people were photographing it from the other side so as not to get the sun in the background, but I loved the idea of the tower in the background where the bell was originally housed. (That's the actual building in the back, not a mural on the window.)
There was a fence around the building that houses the Liberty Bell and it had this great graphic design.
Down the road from the Liberty Bell was this interesting statue.