Saturday, March 29, 2008

Erica comes in for a shoot

Erica is one of two makeup artists that regularly does work for me. She had been talking about coming in and getting her photos done for awhile now, but this week she finally made it happen.

So we tried a couple of different looks with her. She had this vintage looking outfit and wig that looked awesome on her.

Erica brought in only one pair of dress shoes--some leopard heels for her pinup outfit and wanted a wedding dress look as well (her anniversary was this week too!), so we worked the two together.

This is one of my new backdrops, and one of Erica's favorite shots. She said even her husband who is hard to please on pics loved her photos.
And a shot of her wigless.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Xander's First Birthday

Staci booked me for her little boy's first birthday photos. Her blue eyed cutie came in ready to crawl! He didn't mind being in the studio, but he didn't want to sit still. Of course, luckily, daddy was there to make him giggle and hold him still a bit!
When I was growing up, as I'm sure is the same in many households, on a child's first birthday they got their own cake--to destroy and eat, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room.
So Alexander, aka "Xander", celebrated his birthday in style--momma brought chocolate cupcakes and grandma and daddy helped laugh and celebrate the fun time.

Daddy's are always good for a giggle.

I love the vintage coloring on this one with Xander and his dinosaur.
Ok, two things here. 1-I love it when a dad participates. I don't get that too often in the studio. 2- They are wearing matching red Converse shoes!
Momma saw another photo I had done with a baby and a sucker and she wanted one of her little one too.

Those shoes again! Big, little. LOVE this one.
And for the finale, cupcakes!
What's a birthday with out something sweet!

Look at that expression: What mess?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weeds or natural beauty?

I was waiting for someone the other day and started to do a little walking in a field when I saw these beautiful "weeds".So I set up this little one and her mom with a photo session in that field of beautiful "weeds" in hopes of catching a little bit of the beauty before a lawn mower takes them out!

This one has a painted effect. Would be nice on canvas.
Some of these photos just seemed perfect for a little vintage touch.

And a little more vintage.
A little bit of a painted effect.

People always ask me if they should do a studio or on location photo session. It really is up to you and what you feel like. The studio provides a nice controlled (clean, air controlled, bathroom right there!) atmosphere, but a location can provide a unique characteristic about it. It can give you something more unique or add a bit of your personality.
I have done children's portraits in people's homes, even using the parent's bed as a super soft backdrop. Backyards are nice and personal.
Even weeds can make for a beautiful photo!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Air Balloons

I was looking through some old photos when I found these. About 20 years ago, when I was a kid growing up on the Westside of Jacksonville I used to wake up almost every weekend to the sound of hot air balloons.

The sky would be filled with them coming out of Herlong Airport, the sound of heavy breathing in the air (that's what they sound like to me!).

These photos aren't THAT old, but it's a rare scene these days for hot air balloons to be anywhere in Jacksonville.

OK, I SWEAR I didn't do this digitally, look at the photo below and the cloud to the top right, see the smiley face!
I don't know why, but if I was up in one and another one came this close to me, I'd probably have a heart attack!

When we were kids we used to wave at the people and they'd always wave back!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Michelle & Mike

Michelle and Mike came in last July to book their wedding package. They also booked a trash the dress session and an engagement session.

For awhile, Lane Bryant was selling wedding dresses and when they stopped, Michelle stocked up on dresses, giving her a duplicate dress to wear to get trashed.

A lot of couples like to display engagement photos at a wedding, but I really think that trash the dress photos are an awesome, unique thing to share on a wedding day. It would leave the guests in awe. And that's exactly what Michelle wanted to do.

She's getting married the first weekend in April and I can't wait to see the crowd's reaction to these:

We took quite a few engagement photos, but I just loved this one. And apparantally it's Mike's favorite. He's got good taste!

I did a little digital manipulation on this one, to give it a little more wow. Florida beaches don't have very blue water, at least nowhere near here!

Michelle said she had some pink rain boots and I told her to grab them, they were sooo cute and we had a good time with them.
This is one of Michelle's favorites, and mine as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ode to Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I dug through photos I took a year and a half ago from my trip to Ireland.

Like most American's, who I am is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. My grandmother's grandmother, who was alive when I was born, came to America from Ireland. Back in those days Irish people were looked upon very badly, they were coming over here taking jobs, etc. She married a Cherokee Indian (which was also a horrible thing at that time).

The two had quite an interesting life. My mother says that they did the land run in Oklahoma to stake out a home. I've always been intrigued by my roots. I'm a little irrational in the fact that I also don't mind going into debt if it means getting a chance to see a bit of the world. Everyone likes to say, "I'll go next year." But "next year" comes and goes and for some that "next year" never comes.

In September 2006, I took the trip of a lifetime with my twin sisters and their friend to Ireland before meeting the rest of my friends in London to travel Europe.

These are a couple of my favorite photos from Ireland.
This was my view from my hostel/hotel room in Dublin.
The first castle we went to was Dugaire Castle, but this scene was across the street and struck me. If you look closely in the background you'll see a stone ruin, likely from the time of the potato famine.
This is called "Ladies View" and I want to say it overlooked Killarney.
Riverdance regularly comes to Jacksonville and I never get the chance to go. But while we were in Killarney, Riverdance was performing and I couldn't say no. We got awesome priced tickets, awesome seats and we could bring our cameras!
This is the most western tip of Europe in Ireland. BEAUTIFUL, and very windy.

This was in a little town called Annachul. We stayed the night in this little tiny town (our hostel/hotel had an attached bar, of course) and the Irish teenagers talked American culture, doing Napolean Dynamite impressions with their Irish brogues.
This is also in Annaschul. There were over a dozen pubs on the one main street of town. If you wanted to eat, you had to eat pub food. Other than that there was one little grocery. See the sign "Guiness is good for you." There used to be a time when Guiness was served at hospitals in Ireland after women had babies.
This is part of Blarney Castle. There are dungeons underneath that have NO power. They say many tourists get lost under the castle and start screaming for help because it's a maze. We found an opening to get in, but you literally had to crawl on your hands and knees. We had to use a lighter and a camera flash to see. It was quite spooky.
Roses on Cahir Castle.
Clonmacnouse is probably better known for their celtic crosses and tower, but these ruins next door struck me.

If you like my photos, feel free to check out my store to see prints and shirts from Ireland and all over Europe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hitting the airwaves

I've been getting a lot of friends and family calling and saying they heard the Gator Country morning crew talking about me. If you don't listen to Gator Country, you might hear 96.1, 94.1 or The Moove mention me. And they should also have some gift certificates to give away.

Here are a couple of photos I took this last week of some of the station personalities:

Doug Parker, Gator Country, can you tell?

Jeff Davis with Gator Country.

Matt Bassford, 96.1 and The Moove. And quite a ham for the camera. He kind of looks like John Cusack to me. Maybe it's the hair and build.

Friday, March 7, 2008


A friend of Staci's (the makeup artist) just came in booked her October wedding. I should probably get some sort of calendar for my website so clients will know what days I'm booked.
The only thing is, my weekdays change at the last minute, so I hate for people to depend on a calendar and come in to see me and I'm already booked up.

Just in case you are interested in a wedding date that is fast approaching...

MARCH: I have NO weekends in March left for weddings or regular sessions, I'm booked to the max. I have some March weekday availability, but it's very limited.

APRIL: Saturday the 5th and 26th are booked with weddings. The 12th is tentative, just waiting on a contract.

MAY: The 4th, 10th, and 31st have been booked with weddings.

JUNE: The first week of June, I will be leaving town to do some photo sessions for a couple of magazines and then I have a wedding on the 7th. That's going to be a hectic week!

Contact me about any other wedding dates in the year.

And because we are on the topic, here are a couple of my favorite wedding pics from weddings past:

I love the flowers in the aisle on this one. The bride's son gave her away--the groom wasn't short, which is the question I usually get! LOL.
This one isn't necessarily my favorite, but everyone seems to comment on it. I was at a Catholic wedding and everyone was watching the bride and groom EXCEPT this little girl, she was just playing in her own little world.
Traditionally people do the ring shots over a bouquet. I don't mind doing that if a client wants it, but to me the focus can be more on the fingers in the way of the flowers then the art of the rings. I try to play with different backdrops for the rings. I did a wedding in Savannah this past year that had a fabulous food display so I used it:
This is from a wedding in December. The couple used their classic Mustangs as a backdrop for their wedding and I couldn't help but use them as a backdrop for a couple of nice couple's shots. If you get The Knot, you will be seeing this shot in an upcoming ad for our photography services.
This is from the first trash the dress session I ever did. It was so much fun and the couple got lots of interesting and sexy shots of them rolling around and having a good time.
I keep this wedding dress in the studio and it is available for ladies that would like to use it on the beach. For being a "trash the dress" session, the beach sessions usually are just "wash the dress" sessions, lol!