Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Michelle & Mike

Michelle and Mike came in last July to book their wedding package. They also booked a trash the dress session and an engagement session.

For awhile, Lane Bryant was selling wedding dresses and when they stopped, Michelle stocked up on dresses, giving her a duplicate dress to wear to get trashed.

A lot of couples like to display engagement photos at a wedding, but I really think that trash the dress photos are an awesome, unique thing to share on a wedding day. It would leave the guests in awe. And that's exactly what Michelle wanted to do.

She's getting married the first weekend in April and I can't wait to see the crowd's reaction to these:

We took quite a few engagement photos, but I just loved this one. And apparantally it's Mike's favorite. He's got good taste!

I did a little digital manipulation on this one, to give it a little more wow. Florida beaches don't have very blue water, at least nowhere near here!

Michelle said she had some pink rain boots and I told her to grab them, they were sooo cute and we had a good time with them.
This is one of Michelle's favorites, and mine as well.


babagrlshell said...

You didn't know that was actually the exact same dress I wore on my wedding day?? I just threw that baby in the washing machine and it was good as new! Not too bad for a 12$ wear!