Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wedding Vow Renewal in Ga.

Stephanie came to me about photographing her wedding vow renewal. Her husband, Richard, came up with the idea after she got cancer and had to get chemo. It was a sweet gesture and she had a custom dress made made of green.

Their first wedding they had in the snow, for this one, the rain started coming down after the ceremony. Some say it's a good omen.

Stephanie wanted to get a couple of photos without her wig, and I thought the photos were touching. The location had a beautiful backdrop of lights.

Stephanie & Richard. I think the dress makes her look like a Disney princess, her mother said she looked like the princess in Shrek.
Stephanie and her daughter.
A cute little cake with the lights in the background.
After a run through the rain, a toast.
A wet ground and a beautiful backdrop.