Friday, March 7, 2008


A friend of Staci's (the makeup artist) just came in booked her October wedding. I should probably get some sort of calendar for my website so clients will know what days I'm booked.
The only thing is, my weekdays change at the last minute, so I hate for people to depend on a calendar and come in to see me and I'm already booked up.

Just in case you are interested in a wedding date that is fast approaching...

MARCH: I have NO weekends in March left for weddings or regular sessions, I'm booked to the max. I have some March weekday availability, but it's very limited.

APRIL: Saturday the 5th and 26th are booked with weddings. The 12th is tentative, just waiting on a contract.

MAY: The 4th, 10th, and 31st have been booked with weddings.

JUNE: The first week of June, I will be leaving town to do some photo sessions for a couple of magazines and then I have a wedding on the 7th. That's going to be a hectic week!

Contact me about any other wedding dates in the year.

And because we are on the topic, here are a couple of my favorite wedding pics from weddings past:

I love the flowers in the aisle on this one. The bride's son gave her away--the groom wasn't short, which is the question I usually get! LOL.
This one isn't necessarily my favorite, but everyone seems to comment on it. I was at a Catholic wedding and everyone was watching the bride and groom EXCEPT this little girl, she was just playing in her own little world.
Traditionally people do the ring shots over a bouquet. I don't mind doing that if a client wants it, but to me the focus can be more on the fingers in the way of the flowers then the art of the rings. I try to play with different backdrops for the rings. I did a wedding in Savannah this past year that had a fabulous food display so I used it:
This is from a wedding in December. The couple used their classic Mustangs as a backdrop for their wedding and I couldn't help but use them as a backdrop for a couple of nice couple's shots. If you get The Knot, you will be seeing this shot in an upcoming ad for our photography services.
This is from the first trash the dress session I ever did. It was so much fun and the couple got lots of interesting and sexy shots of them rolling around and having a good time.
I keep this wedding dress in the studio and it is available for ladies that would like to use it on the beach. For being a "trash the dress" session, the beach sessions usually are just "wash the dress" sessions, lol!