Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weeds or natural beauty?

I was waiting for someone the other day and started to do a little walking in a field when I saw these beautiful "weeds".So I set up this little one and her mom with a photo session in that field of beautiful "weeds" in hopes of catching a little bit of the beauty before a lawn mower takes them out!

This one has a painted effect. Would be nice on canvas.
Some of these photos just seemed perfect for a little vintage touch.

And a little more vintage.
A little bit of a painted effect.

People always ask me if they should do a studio or on location photo session. It really is up to you and what you feel like. The studio provides a nice controlled (clean, air controlled, bathroom right there!) atmosphere, but a location can provide a unique characteristic about it. It can give you something more unique or add a bit of your personality.
I have done children's portraits in people's homes, even using the parent's bed as a super soft backdrop. Backyards are nice and personal.
Even weeds can make for a beautiful photo!