Friday, April 25, 2008

Leah's Senior Photos

Leah is a senior this year. She's had a pretty rough time the last couple of years. In 2006 she had a severe case of botulism (food poisoning) that paralyzed her for about 7 months.

She was in the hospital about 2 hours away from where she lives. Can you imagine being her mom and trying to go to work, and drive 2 hours nearly every day to see your daughter?

After she got out of the hospital, it took her over a year to build back up her muscles. While in the hospital, they had to put in a feeding tube in her throat. The scar remains today.

Leah needed senior photos, so I set up in her front room and took these. When I went to edit them, she watched and I asked if there were any moles or anything that she wanted removed, etc. Without prompting, she said, "don't remove my scar, I like it!"

After having been through all that and dealing with what kids have to deal with, it was amazing that the one thing that would make most of us self consious didn't bother her at all! How amazing!

This one has a vintage look to it. Her mom hated the hair in her eyes, Leah however, loved it. When you are a teenager, doesn't it seem that your mom always hates your hairstyle!
We joked that this was her Disney headshot. Just looks like something Disney would do.

I did a specialty effect on the one below, just to give it something different.
The one below is one of my favorites.
You can see her scar in this one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Memories Project

The ladies who own The Memories Project (wedding planners) were looking for some fun and professional photos to show off their personality but also give a taste of what they do.

They want people to know they are fun, so I gave them some flowers to throw---very wedding like!

The girls had a blast and here are some photos from their session:

Staci, of Makeup Expressions by Staci, did Lori's makeup below?

If you need a wedding planner, you can give them a call at: 386-846-1458
Or check out their Myspace page.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mike & Michelle's Wedding

I was meaning to post these about two weeks ago, but a family emergency sent me scurrying to Oklahoma. So I've been a bit backed up. I have a bunch of photos that need to be posted!
You might remember Mike & Michelle from a recent post where they did an engagement session and trash the dress session all in one day--before the wedding. Michelle was hoping to have the trash the dress photos on a DVD slideshow to show off at the ceremony but the hotel's slideshow machine was broken!
And if you're wondering, YES, that is the SAME dress she wore for her dress trashing. She said she washed it and everything was fine.
They had their ceremony outside a hotel in St. Augustine. The clouds were dark and it rained horribly on the drive down. And even the bride and groom weren't sure if they'd be having an outside wedding or not! Luckily, I always pack lighting equipment for both situations. And much to everyone's suprise, the wedding went off without any rain!
After the wedding Michelle and Mike walked back towards the pool and as everyone walked down, I saw them sneaking a kiss as chaos surrounded them (tons of people talking and moving about).
I love doing photos where EVERYONE is included. To me, that's part of the wedding--looking back and remembering your guests and who came.
Michelle did a large part of her wedding decorating and such on her own. She even made her own cake, with little white chocolate shells!
The traditional wedding photos have the wedding rings on the couple's fingers over their boquet of flowers. I don't mind doing that, but I actually prefer something a little more unique.
Mike and Michelle had a candy area where guests could bag themselves their own candy--everything from m&ms, gummy bears, Swedish Fish to sweet tarts.
I couldn't resist using the Swedish fish and the candy bags as part of their photos.
This is a filled bag, with the rings hanging off the ends.

And a close up shot of the wedding dress the bride wore, and also trashed, 2 weeks before!

The little ring bearers had khaki suits and what I call "newsboy" hats. They were SOOOO cute! This little guy was so upset after the wedding, Michelle says that he wanted to play in the hotel's pool and couldn't understand why he couldn't, because it was just right there!

A shot of the reception hall.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nate "The Great"

Charlene called around Christmas and booked a family shoot but had to reschedule, she finally made it in this last Sunday, and she brought in her little blue eyed special needs child, Nate.

She was referred to me by my mother in law, Wilma. I had printed some family photos on canvas (photos on cloth and then wrapped around a wood frame) and had given them to Wilma for Christmas, she was so elated she brought them to work--which is where Charlene saw them and immediately called me.

Charlene said she had had some bad experiences in the past with photographers who expected Nate to do what they (the photographer) wanted them to do and not what Nate could do. Nate is a sweet little boy, all play and smiles, but he has limitations. He can't stand on his own and he has a habit of keeping his hands in front of his face.

I'm a pretty laid back person, and I take things as they come and don't stress about it. I realize that some photographers might want Nate to be their "ideal child" for a portrait, but I figure the photos that matter most are those that share some insight into someone's personality. So I didn't try to force Nate to do anything. I just let him, mom and dad have fun and interact.

And boy was mom happy. And Nate. Charlene said she had never seen him so relaxed at a photographer's before.

Lot's of love!
Nate dropped his hands for a minute as he watched daddy make all kinds of noise in the background. I gave the photo a little glow touch, which softens the skin a bit and can make a photo look a little angelic.
Charlene had this image in her mind where she wanted all their heads together. Nate didn't really want to do it too much, but a round of his favorite game, put everyone into a cute pose!

Daddy volunteered to play to give Nate some pics of him being himself--laughing and playing!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nicole's going to have a baby

Nicky is due in 3 weeks. Not wanting to risk waiting until the last minute I had her come in yesterday, it was the only day that would mesh between her schedule and mine.

It was a big weekend, I had a HUGE Florida Times Union photo shoot for an upcoming feature they are doing and then last night I didn't get home until almost midnight from Michelle & Mike's Wedding (photos later this week!) and then I had a cute photo shoot this morning with a sweet couple and their special needs child. So there will be tons of new pics and blogs this week!

I know Nicky was eager to see her pics, so I did a couple of quick edits on my favorites to tide her over.
Gorgeous green eyes!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kelli & Ronni

Kelli and Ronni got married in a small ceremony in Jamaica and decided to have their wedidng reception at home, in Palatka. They have a beautiful home, nice new pool and an outside kitchen--the envy of any backyard.

All of their friends and families showed up for a nice party. I'm not finished editing their photos, but here are some of them. They did some family photos before changing clothes for the party.

Kelli had a beautiful cake with seashells and flowers.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

St. John's River Collage Story

I was getting ready to invoice the Times Union for photos and stories of mine that ran this past month and I figured I'd share...

I did a brief story with these two pics about a mural that students from Douglas Anderson made to represent the many aspects of the St. John's River:

This was from a demonstration on Capoeira. I've been meaning to post some more photos that didn't run in the Times Union, but haven't had a chance.

These photos ran with this article. If you aren't familiar with Capoeira, it's like a dancing martial art. Very interesting. Some say it was done by slaves as a way to trick their masters, so that the masters wouldn't know that they were practicing their fighting skills.

A great demonstration of African drumming.