Friday, April 25, 2008

Leah's Senior Photos

Leah is a senior this year. She's had a pretty rough time the last couple of years. In 2006 she had a severe case of botulism (food poisoning) that paralyzed her for about 7 months.

She was in the hospital about 2 hours away from where she lives. Can you imagine being her mom and trying to go to work, and drive 2 hours nearly every day to see your daughter?

After she got out of the hospital, it took her over a year to build back up her muscles. While in the hospital, they had to put in a feeding tube in her throat. The scar remains today.

Leah needed senior photos, so I set up in her front room and took these. When I went to edit them, she watched and I asked if there were any moles or anything that she wanted removed, etc. Without prompting, she said, "don't remove my scar, I like it!"

After having been through all that and dealing with what kids have to deal with, it was amazing that the one thing that would make most of us self consious didn't bother her at all! How amazing!

This one has a vintage look to it. Her mom hated the hair in her eyes, Leah however, loved it. When you are a teenager, doesn't it seem that your mom always hates your hairstyle!
We joked that this was her Disney headshot. Just looks like something Disney would do.

I did a specialty effect on the one below, just to give it something different.
The one below is one of my favorites.
You can see her scar in this one.