Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mike & Michelle's Wedding

I was meaning to post these about two weeks ago, but a family emergency sent me scurrying to Oklahoma. So I've been a bit backed up. I have a bunch of photos that need to be posted!
You might remember Mike & Michelle from a recent post where they did an engagement session and trash the dress session all in one day--before the wedding. Michelle was hoping to have the trash the dress photos on a DVD slideshow to show off at the ceremony but the hotel's slideshow machine was broken!
And if you're wondering, YES, that is the SAME dress she wore for her dress trashing. She said she washed it and everything was fine.
They had their ceremony outside a hotel in St. Augustine. The clouds were dark and it rained horribly on the drive down. And even the bride and groom weren't sure if they'd be having an outside wedding or not! Luckily, I always pack lighting equipment for both situations. And much to everyone's suprise, the wedding went off without any rain!
After the wedding Michelle and Mike walked back towards the pool and as everyone walked down, I saw them sneaking a kiss as chaos surrounded them (tons of people talking and moving about).
I love doing photos where EVERYONE is included. To me, that's part of the wedding--looking back and remembering your guests and who came.
Michelle did a large part of her wedding decorating and such on her own. She even made her own cake, with little white chocolate shells!
The traditional wedding photos have the wedding rings on the couple's fingers over their boquet of flowers. I don't mind doing that, but I actually prefer something a little more unique.
Mike and Michelle had a candy area where guests could bag themselves their own candy--everything from m&ms, gummy bears, Swedish Fish to sweet tarts.
I couldn't resist using the Swedish fish and the candy bags as part of their photos.
This is a filled bag, with the rings hanging off the ends.

And a close up shot of the wedding dress the bride wore, and also trashed, 2 weeks before!

The little ring bearers had khaki suits and what I call "newsboy" hats. They were SOOOO cute! This little guy was so upset after the wedding, Michelle says that he wanted to play in the hotel's pool and couldn't understand why he couldn't, because it was just right there!

A shot of the reception hall.