Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nate "The Great"

Charlene called around Christmas and booked a family shoot but had to reschedule, she finally made it in this last Sunday, and she brought in her little blue eyed special needs child, Nate.

She was referred to me by my mother in law, Wilma. I had printed some family photos on canvas (photos on cloth and then wrapped around a wood frame) and had given them to Wilma for Christmas, she was so elated she brought them to work--which is where Charlene saw them and immediately called me.

Charlene said she had had some bad experiences in the past with photographers who expected Nate to do what they (the photographer) wanted them to do and not what Nate could do. Nate is a sweet little boy, all play and smiles, but he has limitations. He can't stand on his own and he has a habit of keeping his hands in front of his face.

I'm a pretty laid back person, and I take things as they come and don't stress about it. I realize that some photographers might want Nate to be their "ideal child" for a portrait, but I figure the photos that matter most are those that share some insight into someone's personality. So I didn't try to force Nate to do anything. I just let him, mom and dad have fun and interact.

And boy was mom happy. And Nate. Charlene said she had never seen him so relaxed at a photographer's before.

Lot's of love!
Nate dropped his hands for a minute as he watched daddy make all kinds of noise in the background. I gave the photo a little glow touch, which softens the skin a bit and can make a photo look a little angelic.
Charlene had this image in her mind where she wanted all their heads together. Nate didn't really want to do it too much, but a round of his favorite game, put everyone into a cute pose!

Daddy volunteered to play to give Nate some pics of him being himself--laughing and playing!