Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alicia & Pete REALLY trash the wedding dress!

Alicia and Pete came to the studio awhile back to book me to shoot their wedding. I had done a trash the dress session of a couple they knew and they knew they wanted to do the same thing.

I get a lot of brides who like the idea, but most prefer to do it at the beach. Alicia and Pete have a mud pit next to their house and they love to go 4-wheeling in it and get all muddy. They do this almost every weekend, so they knew that's what they wanted to do with a wedding dress.

Of course, like most couples, they didn't actually want to destroy their ACTUAL wedding dress. Especially since, Alicia did the trash the dress session BEFORE the wedding.

Her mom found this awesome wedding dress on Ebay for like $35. And they got the veil from a bridal shop that was going out of business.

I love the idea of doing these sessions before the wedding. A lot of couples like to display engagement photos of themselves at the wedding or in a sign in mat, but trash the dress photos make a statement. They def. make people stop and talk. They don't expect it! Who would? Especially not rolling around in the mud!

Here are some of their formal shots as well as a couple of my favorite trashing pics.