Friday, May 2, 2008

A Family Portrait at the Beach

Shannon heard about me through her coworkers and called me last month to set up a family portrait while her sister was in town. She finally decided on the beach, and luckily I had a date open during the time her sister was here!

The wanted all the cousins in the photo, 6 kids total.

And when you get that many little ones together at the beach with cousins that are their own age--everyone was ready to play!

These are some of my favorites.

The oldest had to hold the youngest and I asked the younger ones to just walk in front of him, but they were ready to run--you can see who the ring leader is!
The little girls were so cute in their matching white dresses.

I did B&W and a bit of a glow effect on this one.
Sometimes kids can be soo funny, one minute they don't want their photos taken, the next minute they right in your camera lense smiling! (Vintage effect on this one.)

Kids can be so modest around strangers when they are changing or going to the bathroom, but it seems there are some times when modesty just goes out the window with kids!

*Note: Color photos are standard in all my sessions, but I also include additional copies of certain poses with some specialty effects like B&W and others for no extra charge.