Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marie's Modeling Session

I just got done editing Marie's modeling photos. She has a relative who's a model in Atlanta and she was wanting to break in as well.

She wanted to have a makeup artist for her set, but she booked so last minute I couldn't pull one in for her. That's ok though, we figure this would be her general shoot and she wants to come back in another day and do something a little more wild with a makeup artist.

We tried to create a whole bunch of different looks, to give her a bunch of stuff for her portfolio pretty quickly. These are my favorites.

Some props you may recognize. This bear has appeared in a couple of boudoir sessions--so has this hot red couch!

I keep a wedding dress in studio, which has become a popular prop. Marie liked how the musician Pink had tennis shoes under her wedding dress, so we played that up. This photo also has a high contrast filter on it to give it some oomph.

I have these cool vintage hats with netting and they worked out perfectly with Marie. I rarely do sepia toning (red coloring) but I loved the way it looked on a couple of Marie's photos.

Another one in black and white.

Sepia toning again!

This one is a vintage coloring.

Just in case you are confused or don't understand. For all of my sessions I provide color photos, but I also throw in some duplicates with special touches like a vintage look, glow or sepia toning. This is done at no extra charge.