Monday, May 12, 2008

Tons of feedback

I have a couple of new posts I need to make, but for right now, I have had several nice feedbacks come in this week and I thought I'd share. I love great feedback!

The above Andy Warhol inspired picture is from a formal bridal session I did last weekend. I did the couple's engagement photos yesterday. Carolyn and David are getting married July 19th (the groom just got back from Iraq!). Carolyn didn't want David to see any of her formal bridal photos, so this Warhol inspired pic will have to do for now!
BTW, the bride's last name is Love. Isn't that perfect?!
Carolyn's mother sent me a nice little note this week:
I am Carolyn Love's mother. I just wanted to tell you that the pictures you took of her are fabulous! I love all the poses and especially the shoes! You did a marvelous job-- you are very talented!
Thank you so much.

The little girl above is named Alyssa, she was in a previous blog--remember those baby rolls! Her mommy sent me this note this week:
Thank you so much for taking pictures of my daughter, and I as well. I would have to say honestly, when you have your pictures done by Christy, you not only have a photographer for life, you have a friend for life. You have such a beautiful and awesome talent and I highly recommend you. It amazed me on how well you work with kids. I don’t normally get my pictures done because I am usually the one taking the pictures and now I don’t have to worry about that anymore because now I have you. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Thank you again!!!

This is Joi, she is a local middle school student about to celebrate a birthday, so her mom brought her in to get some photos done of her and her friends as well as a couple of ones by herself.
Joi is a tomboy, loves basketball, never wears a dress. At least, that was who she was. Her mother made her wear a dress for the last part of the photo shoot and she called me after her photos went up. She said that she thought Joi would love the basketball photos the best, but no, she actually loved the girly photos I took of her and she may now start wearing dresses. Her mother was thrilled!
I also got this email from mom, Dorothy:

I had no doubt that my daughter's pictures would be nice, but I was compeletly blown away by her pictures. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! My daughter is NOT a girly girl so I was expecting her basketball pictures to be her better pictures but much to my amazement her girly pictures are the ones that I like the most.

My daughter's shoot included 4 pre-teens who know everything and are EXTREMELY loud. I told them before we got out of the car to tone down and they did for about 30 seconds. They went into the studio making more noise than an entire basketball team. Christy never lost her cool. I was about to go crazy but Christynever did. She is the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. She knew exactly what needed to be said and when to say it to get the girls to do what they needed to do. I will never use another photographer!

Christy you are Wat's up!!

I am truly in love.
Dorothy Lewis
There is more feedback and photos at: www.freelance4hire.com/feedback.html