Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crusita's 9 month old photos

I've been photographing Crusita since the day she was born. She came in today for her 9 month photos. She's finally standing some, but not quite walking.

She can be a bit cranky if she doesn't have a sucker in her mouth---the child has a sweet tooth!

I love this one, with the rollers (which she hated!) and the little cap over it!

If you like this too cute hearts bow, check out Sweet Pickles, formerly Shaybug's Bowtique. Tons of cute bows and tutus on there.

The one below has a vintage filter. I love it on the strong background colors.
Another vintage one. Love the monkey look! I keep tons of cute dress up stuff like this in the studio. Including a zebra one, that I LOVE!
I don't know what it is about a crying baby, but the photos always make me laugh!
She did not like this vintage hat! Every time she went for the netting I flinched!