Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 1st-7th

The first part of June was especially hectic for me. I had a wedding Saturday, May 31st I had to shoot and then then I flew out the next day for the DC area to do a magazine shoot. I flew back in late that Friday night and then had another wedding the following day to shoot.

I do a lot of work for police magazines, my father and my uncle are both police officers and I got into it before Sept. 11. Most all types of professions have their own magazines that talk about new technology, etc. Police have several magazines devoted to this and I write and photograph for about 8 of them.

Because many of the photos I take of cops involve training, formations, etc. I really can't disclose them to the public. I haven't finished editing the pics to send out, but I found two that I kinda like that I'll post here and seem pretty safe to post. (While this should be obvious, it is AGAINST the law to take a photograph without permission and use it. And you may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

A Police K9. I have some other ones that have beautiful faces of German shepherds, but I'll save those for the mags.

I love the one below, just for the teeth! Look at how ferocious! Let me put it this way, when a cop says, "puts your hands in the air or we'll send a police dog," do it! Otherwise you might have teeth like the ones below dragging you back to the cops!


Thursday the 5th, before doing some more magazine shooting I managed to score a ride on a helicopter. While news helicopters are limited to where they can go in the DC area, because I was photographing cops, and had asked enough people, I got the "river tour" on a police helicopter.

Please note, that I am scared of heights. But I have never had problems with helicopters. I did one magazine assignment where they had me strapped into a helicopter with no doors, a couple of years ago, photographing the action and I didn't flinch. Once I get behind the lense, I guess I just don't think about it!

Thursday was a hazy day for a helictopter ride with a view like this, but with a once in a lifetime chance, I wasn't turning it down!

My flight left Friday afternoon, so I spent the morning exploring downtown DC. I don't know about other people, but I would hope that I am remembered long after I am gone, and for that reason, I also want to learn about my heritage and the family members that have come before me. How can you really know who you are, if you don't know anything about your roots?
One thing I've known since I was rather young is that I am related to Abraham Lincoln. Actually, from what I understand, my father would be his sixth cousin. One of my great aunts was a cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln. So, yeah, my parents were cousins, removed by many generations! LOL.
As a kid, I always loved Lincoln. And his monument holds a special place in my heart, obviously.
Inside Lincoln Monument. A side view.
The man himself. My father and uncle are both very tall and kind of lanky like him.