Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been 2 weeks

Seems like forever since I updated, but it's only been 2 weeks!

I should have tons of new blogs soon. I've been busy with weddings. After the one this Saturday, that'll be 3 in the last two weeks. And I'm loving some of the images! (I always have my favorites!)

I've also been really busy with news stories and family. My husband's family is in from Puerto Rico so we've been entertaining an 11-year-old. Between my broken Spanish and his English, we are getting by! LOL. But the universal language seems to be video games. If we're not playing Wii, then we're breaking out some old school Super NES. So it's been a fun distractor.

But, I promise, more pics soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T is for Thayer: A year and then some!

Last night I finished up a photo album of a little boy named Thayer, it was of photos of all his photo sessions from birth to one year. And even a couple from his mommy's pregnancy. I realized while doing the book that so many from those sessions are my favorites and figured I would share a year of Thayer.

I love this red shirt and it just really made this image pop. This is mom at 6 months. No airbrushing here, mom had no stretch marks. Lucky dog!
2 weeks old.
This pose is often tried by many photogs, but rarely duplicated.
Can't help but love cute baby butts! His momma sings a song to make him laugh about how she wishes she was a little bar of soap so she could wash his little baby butt. It's too cute and makes me laugh too!
This is from his 6 month session. It has a vintage effect.
I friggin love this zebra hat and paws, I keep several sizes of this and a monkey one in the studio.

This is another of my favorites, that BIG ole sucker and the little baby head.
Cute little Nemos. (Both props are in our studio!)
Look at that expression! How adorable! (And yes, that hat is in our studio too!)
Tiny feet, big feet!
For his first birthday momma brought in cupcakes for him to destroy. We offer a package for this and we clean up the studio after the icing mess! This is sooo much fun! And oviously too cute, look at that look, like "ooooh, did I eat all that!?"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Expecting: Todd & Monica

Monica and Todd came in on Friday to do their pregnancy photos. Due in August, Monica says she's ready to be done with the heat and pregnancy! Heck, it's too hot for us non pregnant people!

Can you tell what they are having?

The one below has a softness added to it as well as an old timey "memory lane" coloring.
My first time doing the below lighting set up, but I do like it.
Heps make the arc of the belly pop a little more!
Aren't they cute? This one has a vintage coloring.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Natalie & Shiloh's Big Day

They had a beautiful little wedding in Kingsland, Georgia, on June 26th. This is the second wedding I've done at this location and BOTH times it has rained. This time it delayed the ceremony a bit.

They are both from California and he's stationed in Ga, which brought her here, to be with her sailor.

This first one has an old timey glow to it.

When we started to do the formal posing of the bride and groom, I couldn't help but try to get them to mimick the famous sailor kissing photo in Times Square. The groom had never seen it, so we did our best!

While I was shooting the still life stuff like rings and flowers, the bride's mother brought me out this food item shaped like a calla lily and requested we do some creative photos with it.

Isn't this a gorgeous set up for the cake?

I loved the cake, very simple and clean, EXACTLY how I wanted my cake to be.
The groom was so impressed with the M&Ms with words on them. It was too cute that he wanted to show them off!
The bride and groom.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ciara shadows me for a bit

You might remember a trash the dress session I recently did where the couple rolled in the mud and went mudding. Well the bride's teenage sister is very interested in photography and the mom was asking me about what camera to get her and such.

Her mom was hoping that Ciara could see how different people use photography in their work and she was intrigued by the fact that I also do work for newspapers and magazines. So this morning I had to do a story for the Times Union in San Marco and asked Ciara if she wanted to tag along.

Her mom had apparantally taken my advice and gotten Ciara a nice little Canon EOS, which is great for manual and automatic settings and to really let you learn or just point and shoot. She took photos while I did and I let her use a flash and explained to her how light works and how to do things on her camera.

Ciara, unlike most teenagers, including myself at that age I'm sure, really listened and took in everything I was telling her. She had been taking pictures in the past, but the new camera and the new stuff she's learning will really help her develop her skills.

She came back to the studio with me while waiting for her dad and I got a couple of quick shots of her. She has some really pretty eyes. I normally whiten eyes, but hers are actually really white on their own. And I love when you can see the depth to the colors of the iris.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

66 Mustang Shoot

Ashley contacted me about doing a car session so we got together last night with a couple of cars. I used to have a red 65 Mustang, and she told me she loved old muscle cars, so I made a couple of calls and was able to pull in this 66 Mustang for part of her session.

I found this nice jet and thought it would be perfect to add to the whole Americana image of the classic Ford.

Having a little fun!

I love this one, her expression is relaxed and everthing just seems so natural!

She was wanting something a little sexy, and we played up that American image with a little red, lol. This version has a vintage tone which desaturates the colors a bit.

Watch out! I'm sure it won't be too long, before you start seeing a couple of other "photogs" trying to pull this off too! LOL, people love to copy me. I guess I should be flattered.

I'll likely post more pictures soon from this session, with other cars.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marianne's Headshots

Marianne came in this week to have some headshots done. She was hoping to get a job doing some modeling in ad work. She chose black and white as her backgrounds. I love having at least one background be colorful, to give a nice pop, but she was a little worried about it.

So at the end I talked her into trying a couple with a green backdrop. Viewing the color in person kind of scared her, but she liked how it looked on "film". It is much deeper and with the right lighting it becomes even deeper--almost jewel tone.

I managed to work in a little bit of color with a blue suit case!
This is what I call "moody lighting" because of the shadows it casts and the deeper more jewel tone colors it makes with the backgrounds. After seeing them Marianne really liked some of the green ones. I love how it gives an extra oomph to a picture.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Love Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I posted some Andy Warhol inspired photos of a bride who did a formal bridal session.

Well her hubby to be is back from the war and they came in for their engagement session recently. They brought both of their sets of parents and even a brother--and we had a good time.

Quite a few of them have the "glow effect" to them, which is an option I provide free of charge. I love it because it softens the skin and gives everything, as it says, a glow, lol!

Aren't they adorable together!

So, I gave them the word "laugh" and told them they needed to make people want to laugh when they see the pic. As you can see, he's doing a kissy fish face!
The bride's current last name is Love, so this is quite appropriate and was used in her formal bridal's as well.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wayne & Kathy renew their vows

Kathy and Wayne have been married for over 20 years and decided to renew their vows. They loved St. Augustine and really wanted a bunch of photos of them in their bridal attire at their favorite places. So I showed up a few hours before the wedding and we went all over the place. I've been to many places in St. Augustine, but it amazed me that I hadn't been to these places!

A couple from the carriage ride, the first has a vintage effect to it.

I love this circle metal work.

The one below has a vintage glow to it. Something that Kathy loved.

Aren't they cute!

Beautiful cake!

And the butterfly was a NICE touch on the flowers, very pretty!

Shannon with New Beginnings Wedding Planning did the coordinating. She has been in my office for over a year, and it was nice to do a wedding with her! Even Erica, of Celebrity Style Makeup by Erica was there to do makeup. So it was nice being around a bunch of great people--not to mention Kathy and Wayne, who'll likely be trashing the dress soon!