Thursday, July 10, 2008

66 Mustang Shoot

Ashley contacted me about doing a car session so we got together last night with a couple of cars. I used to have a red 65 Mustang, and she told me she loved old muscle cars, so I made a couple of calls and was able to pull in this 66 Mustang for part of her session.

I found this nice jet and thought it would be perfect to add to the whole Americana image of the classic Ford.

Having a little fun!

I love this one, her expression is relaxed and everthing just seems so natural!

She was wanting something a little sexy, and we played up that American image with a little red, lol. This version has a vintage tone which desaturates the colors a bit.

Watch out! I'm sure it won't be too long, before you start seeing a couple of other "photogs" trying to pull this off too! LOL, people love to copy me. I guess I should be flattered.

I'll likely post more pictures soon from this session, with other cars.