Friday, July 11, 2008

Ciara shadows me for a bit

You might remember a trash the dress session I recently did where the couple rolled in the mud and went mudding. Well the bride's teenage sister is very interested in photography and the mom was asking me about what camera to get her and such.

Her mom was hoping that Ciara could see how different people use photography in their work and she was intrigued by the fact that I also do work for newspapers and magazines. So this morning I had to do a story for the Times Union in San Marco and asked Ciara if she wanted to tag along.

Her mom had apparantally taken my advice and gotten Ciara a nice little Canon EOS, which is great for manual and automatic settings and to really let you learn or just point and shoot. She took photos while I did and I let her use a flash and explained to her how light works and how to do things on her camera.

Ciara, unlike most teenagers, including myself at that age I'm sure, really listened and took in everything I was telling her. She had been taking pictures in the past, but the new camera and the new stuff she's learning will really help her develop her skills.

She came back to the studio with me while waiting for her dad and I got a couple of quick shots of her. She has some really pretty eyes. I normally whiten eyes, but hers are actually really white on their own. And I love when you can see the depth to the colors of the iris.