Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Love Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I posted some Andy Warhol inspired photos of a bride who did a formal bridal session.

Well her hubby to be is back from the war and they came in for their engagement session recently. They brought both of their sets of parents and even a brother--and we had a good time.

Quite a few of them have the "glow effect" to them, which is an option I provide free of charge. I love it because it softens the skin and gives everything, as it says, a glow, lol!

Aren't they adorable together!

So, I gave them the word "laugh" and told them they needed to make people want to laugh when they see the pic. As you can see, he's doing a kissy fish face!
The bride's current last name is Love, so this is quite appropriate and was used in her formal bridal's as well.