Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marianne's Headshots

Marianne came in this week to have some headshots done. She was hoping to get a job doing some modeling in ad work. She chose black and white as her backgrounds. I love having at least one background be colorful, to give a nice pop, but she was a little worried about it.

So at the end I talked her into trying a couple with a green backdrop. Viewing the color in person kind of scared her, but she liked how it looked on "film". It is much deeper and with the right lighting it becomes even deeper--almost jewel tone.

I managed to work in a little bit of color with a blue suit case!
This is what I call "moody lighting" because of the shadows it casts and the deeper more jewel tone colors it makes with the backgrounds. After seeing them Marianne really liked some of the green ones. I love how it gives an extra oomph to a picture.