Saturday, July 12, 2008

Natalie & Shiloh's Big Day

They had a beautiful little wedding in Kingsland, Georgia, on June 26th. This is the second wedding I've done at this location and BOTH times it has rained. This time it delayed the ceremony a bit.

They are both from California and he's stationed in Ga, which brought her here, to be with her sailor.

This first one has an old timey glow to it.

When we started to do the formal posing of the bride and groom, I couldn't help but try to get them to mimick the famous sailor kissing photo in Times Square. The groom had never seen it, so we did our best!

While I was shooting the still life stuff like rings and flowers, the bride's mother brought me out this food item shaped like a calla lily and requested we do some creative photos with it.

Isn't this a gorgeous set up for the cake?

I loved the cake, very simple and clean, EXACTLY how I wanted my cake to be.
The groom was so impressed with the M&Ms with words on them. It was too cute that he wanted to show them off!
The bride and groom.