Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T is for Thayer: A year and then some!

Last night I finished up a photo album of a little boy named Thayer, it was of photos of all his photo sessions from birth to one year. And even a couple from his mommy's pregnancy. I realized while doing the book that so many from those sessions are my favorites and figured I would share a year of Thayer.

I love this red shirt and it just really made this image pop. This is mom at 6 months. No airbrushing here, mom had no stretch marks. Lucky dog!
2 weeks old.
This pose is often tried by many photogs, but rarely duplicated.
Can't help but love cute baby butts! His momma sings a song to make him laugh about how she wishes she was a little bar of soap so she could wash his little baby butt. It's too cute and makes me laugh too!
This is from his 6 month session. It has a vintage effect.
I friggin love this zebra hat and paws, I keep several sizes of this and a monkey one in the studio.

This is another of my favorites, that BIG ole sucker and the little baby head.
Cute little Nemos. (Both props are in our studio!)
Look at that expression! How adorable! (And yes, that hat is in our studio too!)
Tiny feet, big feet!
For his first birthday momma brought in cupcakes for him to destroy. We offer a package for this and we clean up the studio after the icing mess! This is sooo much fun! And oviously too cute, look at that look, like "ooooh, did I eat all that!?"