Thursday, August 7, 2008

Andy shoots a wedding

I usually think it's weird when when people try to push their family members off on a client as a vendor. I just feel like it's a bit of favortism. I'm a photographer and my husband is the computer tech. He makes sure my photos are backed up to several locations and that my computers are running correctly.

My husband one day approached me saying he'd like to learn photography. He had been to many shoots with me (he knows how to set up my lighting equipment and he keeps things organized for me) so I figured ok. I took classes when I started getting heavily into photography, so we enrolled him into classes. This may seem weird to some people--why would I enroll him into classes instead of teaching him myself? 1-When it comes to family, sometimes teaching them can be a touchy subject, and may feel like you are talking down to them. 2-Like most family members, they are more likely to listen if it comes from someone else's mouth. 3-Another perspective. I feel that my career is constantly changing and that I can never know everything about photography, I'm constantly learning. I felt like if he learned from an actual teacher, not only would he take him seriously and listen whole heartedly, but maybe he'd learn some additional things that I didn't know or couldn't teach him.

He came home his first class so happy, he said that all the terms I was saying before that point suddenly clicked and made sense to him and that he knew more than any of the other students! (At this point I'm thinking "YEAH, my husband listens to me! LOL.) So he took several months of classes and I helped him and encouraged him and showed him some additional techniques and explained additional things to him. He enjoyed the classes and is planning on taking another this Fall.

About 3 weeks ago I had a really large wedding out at the Ribault Club and I needed him to assist me as he often does, but I wanted him to second me as well and take photos too.

To say the least, I was amazed. I felt like a proud parent, he went off on his own, paid attention to details and got all the important things I would have gotten, plus some.

And I think what made all the difference to me was that he, on his own accord registered for classes and went out and started training. He just didn't decide one day he is a photographer everyone should start paying him. I think there's something to be said for someone who realizes that just because they know how to run a camera, doesn't make them a photographer and went out and actively seeked training. I think if someone is going to refer a family member on to clients, they should know what they are doing! And I'm so glad and proud of him for taking classes and actually listening and taking advice from his wife!

BTW, if you like to take photos and are thinking of becoming a photographer, be careful of who you pay to teach you--make sure they have taken classes themselves and have been doing it for several years. Don't waste your money on amateurs with lucky shots!

Here are some of his shots:

The groom with his groomsmen goofing off while getting ready.
The wedding was changed from an outside location to inside at the last moment and he caught this before everyone came rushing in.
I was super suprised by his dancing photos. He did a fantastic job catching emotions and keeping the backgrounds as uncluttered as possible. Not to mention trying new angles!
One of many great cake shots he took.
One of his ring shots, with a vintage glow I put on it.
Sorry, had to gush. I feel so proud! :>
It'll be awhile if ever before he shoots on his own, but I'm amazed at how much he is absorbing and how well he is doing!


Cynthia said...

You should be proud! And of yourself too, for going about the right way...sending him off to learn from a "disinterested third party"...besides, if you wanted to be a photography teacher, that's what you would have been!

I like the groomsmen photo the best! Great job to your hubby for capturing that priceless and funny moment! (And please, pass along kudos to him for all of them...impressive job!)