Wednesday, August 6, 2008


One of the reasons I like taking pictures is that sometimes those photos may be one of the few remnants someone has to the memory of a life.

I have had some very close family members pass away and it's hard to find any really good photos of them. I have started taking pictures of all family members I visit. Mine and my husbands. I'll post a follow up story soon, in the meantime, my husband's grandfather and cousin were in town from Puerto Rico and I took some photos.

With timing issues and my little Spanish and their little English, we ended up shooting in my frontroom instead of taking them to the studio.

This is Emmanuel. He is 11 and a sweet little boy. He'd wash the dishes every day while my mother in law was at work and then come next door to my house to play Wii.
If you have small children or want something very personal, a photo shoot in your home, like these, can be the best way to go.
This shot below was one of his favorites.
My mother in law and her father. I love my inlaws, they are really nice people and I feel bad for people who don't get great inlaws. I think it would make a marriage extremely difficult.
My husband's grandfather.
What I love about this photo is his hands. They show a history of a man who has worked the land. And when he is here, he can't sit still, he's out planting or mowing. There is a history in people's hands.

I love this one. You don't get many photos of children with their grandparents at this age. This is one I think they'll cherish for a long time.
The next photo isn't of my husband's family but of my own. I am the eldest of five. The youngest are twin girls. I don't really talk to my brothers much, but my sisters I see and we do lunch occasionally. Today we had lunch and then I helped my sister with her school project (she needed pictures!) and I took this shot of the girls together.