Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fort Clinch Wedding

Lesli & Patrick are from Illinois and came down for a family vacation/reunion of sorts. Since they had all their family with them they decided to get married as well. So they had a beautiful Wed. night wedding at Fort Clinch in Fernandina.

If you've never been, the fort is right on the waterway and often has reenactments. You can also get campsites near the fort.

Lesli had the most beautiful dress and gorgeous purple flowers in her hair.

Michael, who runs Jaxnotary.com officiated over the wedding. I like vendors with personality--if you want a good party, hire a DJ who nows how to keep the party going. If you don't want a stiff ceremony, hire someone like Michael. Nothing beats someone who can make a joke and make you feel comfortable on YOUR wedding day.

The Marriage contract getting officially stamped.

A fun group photo in a vintage coloring.
At the end of the ceremony, everyone took a stone from the flower girl and threw it into the water to make a wish for the bride and groom.

The bride, with those beautiful green eyes!

Nothing makes me happier than making photos that are art work. This is especially true of wedding and trash the dress sessions.

I love taking a couple and making gorgeous photos that could be displayed on any wall and be appreciated, but having the couple be apart of that photograph, to me just makes the photo awesome. Those are the kind of photos I loved from my own wedding.

And Lesli and Patrick wanted nothing more than to make some awesome photos of the two of them. I just love it when I get couples who just want to make great pieces of art they can cherish for years to come!

This photo has a gold tone to it with a softened look.
Another one with the vintage coloring.
The groom's one request was a photo of them looking at the sunset. I gave them several, but I personally like this one.