Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Heroe's Wedding

I met Carolyn and her parents and the groom's parents earlier this year and we hit it off right away. The groom was serving in Iraq, so we waited to book their engagement session until we knew he woud be home.

Carolyn came in a couple of months after our initial meeting and got her formal bridal photos done. The thing that amazed me about all of the bride & groom's sessions was the participation by both sets of parents. Most parents don't mind the other set but don't go out of their way to participate in the wedding process or go to these meetings or shoots. But at the engagement session and formal bridal both moms and occasionally a father or brother were there as well to add a joke or encourage the couple. It was really nice to see.

When Carolyn had her formal bridals done she requested they be password protected because if the groom knew how to get to them, Carolyn just knew he would go look!

When David finally made it back, the cute couple came it in for their engagement session. They were a blast and we really hit it off. Usually grooms hate photos and don't mind telling you, but David took it with a grain of salt and laughed and had fun with the session.

When their wedding weekend finally arrived I showed up for the rehearsal dinner and everyone was running late--which is typical for weddings but not as much so for rehearsals.

Carolyn & David had gone to pick up her father the day before and found her father on the floor--David had to revive him! They rushed him to the hospital where he remained through the wedding. Carolyn's brother had to step in to walk her down the aisle.

Truly an amazing story, but what an amazing and nice couple!

(Last I heard from Carolyn, her father was doing better.) These are some of the photos from this amazing couple's wedding day.

The mother of the groom and the grandmother attaching a piece of lace from a family wedding dress to Carolyn's dress (something old).

The wedding was held at the Ribbault Club. And while the chairs were being set up outside the rain just came down. She had to decided whether to wait it out or bring the wedding indoors. Whenever Carolyn would get to thinking she would nibble at her finger or her nail.

Carolyn didn't want to muddy her dress so in a hurry the wedding was brought indoors.

But the rain dried up long enough for some shots of the two.

The first dance.
The cakes, by Edgewood Bakery.
Isn't this the coolest groom's cake!
The rings, on the groom's cake!
The guys with their bestman gifts, partying down with the groom.
BTW, the couple were restationed in Maryland and were supposed to be reporting for duty on the day of their wedding! So the week before their wedding, not only were they dealing with family issues, but they drove to Maryland to look for a house!

I wish them all the best in their new life together and their new home.