Monday, August 11, 2008

When life gives you chicken poop...

Or duck poop for that matter, you take a REALLY good shower and wash everything (clothes, countertops, etc!) !

When I was a little girl my grandparents had a farm. I've been wanting some chickens and things for awhile now, so this weekend we put my wish into effect.

I know you are probably double checking where I am now, and that's right, I'm in Jacksonville! LOL.

My friend Rachel's daughter came over Sat. night and is going home today. When she heard we were getting chickens and ducks she could hardly wait. She loves some PS3 game called Rub a Dub Dub where you save ducks, and she has wanted one for years. "Since I was little," she says.

Yesterday morning when we woke up, Calista immediately asked, "can we go get the chickens now!"

We made a temporary coop and went and wrangled 5 adult ducks for my inlaws and the lady gave Calista a baby duck of her choice. Once back to my house the duck immediately got a bath and then wrapped in a towel. Calista and "Peepers Poopers" immediately watched TV together before we got the call that our chickens were ready for pickup!

We weren't sure which kind to get, but after a little research, we ended up with Chinese Silkie chickens, which are like the Poodles of the chicken world. And they are the most pet like. They have very fluffy feathers and people used to think they were a cross between a chicken and a rabbit. We got 3 babies. I picked out a black one and named it "Kentucky," my husband named is grey one "Chino," (means Chinese in Spanish) and Calista named her 2 day old black baby chick "Nugget."

I had a photo shoot this morning and in a bribe to get Calista out of bed in a hurry, I agreed she could bathe with Peepers. He immediately crapped twice. Soo, she got a second bath without Peepers!

Peepers and Calista went to the studio and were very quiet and well behaved during the family shoot I had this morning. I caught a couple of her and Peepers afterwards. Don't get many ducks in studio!

I prefer to call this next one, "I got my eyes on you!"
Back at the house, Calista and Nugget watched some TV. Well Caslista watched TV, Nugget just wanted to sleep in her warm hands.
If you want to see what Chinese Silkies look like full grown, go to Youtube.com and search them. Calista and I watched MANY youtube videos of them while waiting to pick them up.