Saturday, September 27, 2008


Staci is one of my best clients, she is totally addicted to photo shoots! I love her for that though, she is on the same boat I am that tons of pictures should be taken at all times! If I don't have my camera out, she's snapping pics on her camera or her cell phone camera.

Her bestfriend came down the other weekend and Staci had to book a shoot to get pictures before her friend moved to Washington state.

The first one has a lomo filter on it which kind of gives it a little retro look.
They had these matching white dresses and I figured the umbrella, which I love, just helped to give a pop and unify them.
Don't ya love having a bestfriend!
Totally them!
Staci, is also a makeup artist and will come to the studio to do your makeup for a photo session--I highly recommend her! Give her a call at 383-8090, or check out her Myspace page.