Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chicken parents

This was a super long weekend--and really exciting and tiring at the same time! I've been putting the finishing touches on the new studio and moving the last of the stuff--who knew I had accumulated soooo many props!

And my super father in law, who is super anal when it comes to projects installed my new backdrop stand! I figured if it was going to be done right, I better ask him! And I'm so glad I did, he did an amazing job and now I have a remote control that lowers and raises my backdrops--yeah!

My 10 year highschool reunion was last night, and while the group was relatively small, it was also nice and intimate. And from what I hear we had a better turn out that classes 4x our size!

However, I don't have kids. And that's usually one of the first questions people ask. I have however, been seemingly building a farm, lol. And last night before we went to the reunion my chicken eggs started hatching (see older post about me buying Chinese Silkie Chickens). I bought an incubator 3 weeks ago off Ebay, and the thing worked--and my eggs were pipping!

So, my husband and I were sooooo excited and telling everyone at the reunion about the little chirps coming from the eggs and our super fluffy chicken children, lol!

Well, before all that, on Friday night I had one egg that first started to pip (break through). And the chicken literature I've been reading said they'll usually break through in between 4-12 hours, aprx. Well after a night of watching his beak sit there and chirp but no complete bust out, I decided to help him. (People on the chicken message boards I joined say they do this sometimes.) Well, my husband walks in horrified to find me with the egg in my hand chipping away at it.

(NOTE: Next photo may be graphic to some people!)

After getting half the shell off I realized that he may need a little more time. So we left him in his half shell, still connected to it by a sac and went to the reunion later that night. My husband was certain the little chick was a gonner, nearly having me in tears, thinking I had accidentally killed the poor guy!

Saturday morning...
We got home from the reunion last night and he was still in a similiar state, but he had kicked himself out of the egg, but he was still attached to it. And we had another chick who had completely popped out and was chirping! He had little racing stripes--my husband wants to call him Mario Andretti. LOl. And before we went to bed, we watched as another one kicked his way out!

So last night we leave the new babies and the little black baby in the incubator hoping for the best.

This morning I am walking to the extra bedroom, dreading I am going to find a dead chicken with my 2 others, but nope--I had 4 loud chirping chicks!

Here is the baby from above, in the brooder (baby pen) after having dried out.

So not only did he survive, but another one hatched out last night as well. Then another one hatched today. I have 4 more pipping now and about 12 ready to hatch later this week!

Here's my current babies:

Little Mario and my newest baby who looks black with some red. I've never seen a grown chicken with racing stripes, so I'm guessing it's one of those things they grow out of.

I can't wait to see what colors they grow into and if they get the big poofy heads of feathers!

So, not to bore you, but we are now chicken parents!