Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sister-Sister: A double engagment

I have two sisters who are getting married this year and they each came in about a week apart from each other to take advantage of one of my Myspace specials to do their engagement photos.

Jen is getting married in October and Annette is getting married in November!

Every photo session is unique in someway, but I do have my favorite poses for different sessions, but with sisters, this was going to be tricky, as I didn't want them to have the SAME poses for each of their engagement sessions!

Each couple picked out their background choices, either based on colors they liked or their wedding colors.

Annette & Tim came in first...

Then Jen & Rip.

The couple bought these hats and really wanted to do something different for their engagement session.

Staci, by Makeup expressions with Staci, did Jen's makeup. She can be reached on her Myspace page or by calling: 383-8090!