Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Starbucks Wedding

I've been moving the studio over this last week. I have most everything set up. I'm just waiting for my new backdrop stand to be installed--hopefully tonight.

Yesterday, as I was putting away things I get a call from Michael Scaliatine, owner of JaxNotary.com. He wanted to know if I could do a last minute wedding.

I asked when the wedding was, he said that night at 7pm. Since I didn't have anything scheduled other then cleaning the studio, I said I could do it.

"The bride's name is Dawn and the groom's name is Michael Scaliatine," he said.
"You're getting married!" I exclaimed. We both started laughing.

Of course, I was def. going to shoot his wedding! I felt honored to be asked by another wedding professional!

Mike and I have worked on several weddings together and get along extremely well. We both believe everything doesn't need to be serious and that ultimately on the wedding day--it's the bride's day and we want to do whatever we can to make that day special for them.

So he asked if I would show up at the Starbucks in Riverside a little before 7pm. Seeing as how this was last minute and he still had to make a call to reserve a guitar player, I asked if they had a bouquet.

"No, I don't think so, do you have one?" he asked.

"I have two!"

We laughed and he asked me to bring one. I keep a couple of bouquets and veils in studio (and occasionally a wedding dress!) for props.

His bride to be knew she was getting married at Starbucks, but that was about it. Mike sent a car for her and she arrived about the same time I did, and my bouquet was delivered to her car.
Being a notary, I had to ask, "Why Starbucks?" I mean, he's been to more weddings than most people will ever go to in their lifetime. He said that was their place, that was where they always went. I can respect that. I think weddings should ultimately be something you want and is special to you.

So we had ourselves a little wedding in front of Starbucks, with four of their friends and some Starbucks customers.

The next one, has a bit of a creative vignette on it.


Kelly Morningstar said...

that is such an awesome story!