Saturday, October 18, 2008


A girl friend told me that their was a fair going on, and so my husband and I scrambled to get ready to go. We could care less about the rides, we just love looking at all the animals, watching the shows and eating tons of fried food!

For us, when we can find a small town fair, it's like the best date night ever. Holding hands, smiling, laughing at the animals and good food!

With becoming new chicken owners, we were hoping to see some awesome looking Silkie chickens there and maybe pick up some breeder names--but nope, not a single one!

So we ate some fair food, and shoved the sugary mass of funnel cake into our mouths as the white sugar got all over our clothes.

I've always wanted to take my camera to the fair, just always decide against it. But this time I stopped and had a bit of fun.

Here are a couple of my faves!

I love colors and shapes. Ferris wheels appeal to me for this reason.
And the fair had two ferris wheels. But let me clarify my love for ferris wheels. I love them from afar. I will get in them, but I'm not fond of heights. Yes I know, I've flown in helicopters with no doors, etc. but there is something different about rides and ferris wheels. Maybe it's the lack of a seat belt. I would much rather photograph them from the ground than be in them.
I caught this next shot as this thing came down. It's one of those rides where it brings people up and then just drops them.