Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Indiana Jones in studio!

Ethan came in last week to get photos in his awesome little Indiana Jones costume. Mom found him a hat and jacket online and she even had a little whip for him.

A threat of daddy coming to get him, got a snicker on that face!

The hat grabbing pose just seemed to be so perfectly Indiana! Not to mention easy for kids to do.
I would ask Ethan to do something and he would say "I'm autistic." His mom said he takes things quiet literally when you give him direction. I've photographed other special needs kids and to me, all kids are the same.
Some will smile the whole shoot long and the next shoot be stubborn while their little brother smiles! I think special needs kids are the same way, and their is no use getting frustrated with kids in studio--it's not going to make them smile. I try to make my shoots easy for kids and find at least one thing they can do that is somewhat fun. For Ethan, I let him go to town cracking that whip!
Couldn't get him to look at me while he was doing it, but I still thought this one was an awesome action shot. I put a specialty filter on it, which to me kind of gives it a vintage grungy feel.

After Ethan's formal pics, he wanted some pics with his dog. Mom wasn't too keen on the idea, since Indiana doesn't have a dog. But, (seeing as how my labrador is in the studio working with me today) I figure every great action hero has a great dog--either helping to save the day or to warm some toes at night.