Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News in Australia

Thursday morning as I was getting ready to run some errands and hit the studio to do tons of editing when I get a phone call from a very well known news organization asking me if I could shoot some editorial work that day and possibly the next.

One of their newspapers, The Daily Telegraph, was covering the naughty going ons by one of Australia's most well known Rugby player. They had a journalist flying in from Los Angeles and they needed a photographer to assist and potentially take photographs of the rugby player.

Apparantally, the guy had broken a glass over his girlfriend's face, and she nearly lost her eye. Her parents live here in town and it was said that she had come back here for a bit. Australia has a restraining order against him, stating he isn't to be anywhere near the girl. But rumor had it that he was here in town, despite the court order.

The paper was coming to track him down and to see if this were true. They had heard he had flown in on Sunday. The reporter, Peta (female version of Peter), flew in on Thursday. I told her that while I would love to photograph him and make the cover of their newspaper, any 24 year old with money wasn't going to stick around Jacksonville for 5 days.

Not that there is anything wrong with Jacksonville, I don't mind it at all, but it is a somewhat quiet town--especially if you are used to living the high life!

I was so afraid they were going to send me some stuffy reporter and I was going to have a miserable time, but Peta and I hit it off immediately. She loves flea markets, yard sales and antique stores--why wouldn't we hit it off!

We had a good time searching for the rugby player while talking relationships (her boyfriend is the producer for "Sheer Genius," as well as the new show "Peter Perfect") and crazy stories.

We ate at Cafe Carmon in San Marco twice. If you've never been, it is fantastic! They don't serve breakfast but cooked us up some eggs anyways. And for dinner they have some great chicken egg roll type things and an asian chicken meal with noodles that was fantastic. And the wait staff and manager were fantastic and super friendly!

Here's a photo of Peta and I. My husband, Andy, took the photo after a nice dinner at Five Guys in Oakleaf.

It's funny how when you are around people of other cultures, your mind wants to take on their accent, and I found myself saying things with a more Australian accent and take on the lingo. No worries!