Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trae Cheesecakes & More!

Next door to the new studio is Trae Cheesecakes & More. They are open Tues-Sat until 5pm. I have been several times to get lunch and they hand batter their chicken fingers--YUM!

I have fabulous in laws and decided to order some cheesecake to take home to my father in law, Felix, who is always building things for me, moving things or helping me with stuff (like installing my new background stand at the studio). But before I took it home, I figured I would take a couple of photos...

Don't those strawberries look oh so good? After dinner I split a slice with the hubby and they WERE oh so good. Some cheesecake kind of gets stuck in your mouth, but not these, they were decadent. Very moist, very delicious!

And they have ALL kinds of cheesecake and cakes, oh and cookies. They even had Key Lime Pie CAKE. Might have to have a piece of that tommorow.