Friday, October 10, 2008

Wedding, Wedding, Chicken

I try to be a good blogger and post once a week or more, but I'm the kind of person that if I have photos to edit I feel guilty doing anything else! Especially, wedding photos, as when I got married I wanted to see my photos as soon as possible.

I have been doing back to back weddings lately, with a couple portraits thrown in for good measure. So I've been really, really, busy. I know, I know, excuses, excuses.

I was invited to the Comedy Zone this week, which I haven't been to in a long time, and the comedian was talking about the difference between jobs and careers.

He was saying that jobs are the things you hate, you don't want to be there and you can't wait until 5pm. Whereas, careers you love and you don't mind working late on. Oh how true that is. I worked in a pro photo lab, as a substitute teacher and even in a corporate office doing customer service and I hated it. I have always known what I wanted to do. I am a creative type, I have closets filled with crafts, a sewing machine and even a hot glue gun scar, lol.

I have always wanted to own my own business and be creative. I have a degree in writing/print journalism. I have done work for many newspapers and magazines, including Woman's World (or Day, I forget) and many assignments required photography. Growing up I loved taking pictures, but I never thought of it as a career, until a newspaper editor told me I should take some photography classes to improve my skills. So about 9 years ago I did and I haven't turned back since! Because of this I keep busy doing newspaper writing and photography, plus all the photography I do for you lovely people! It's awesome I love my job.

Earlier this year the Times Union asked me if I would come on full time, but I turned them down. My editor was dissapointed and he still makes hints from time to time. But I love sleeping in, feeding the chickens, shooting you lovely people, eating lunch with my husband, editing your lovely pics and then coming home. Oh and then feeding the chickens all over again, lol. My husband says to tell people we are "chicken hobbists" it sounds better, lol.

(Two recent TU stories, in case you are interested Church Organs, and the light aircraft story I mentioned in another blog.)

But not to ramble, but here's a few photo clippets of some of the stuff I've been working on lately and going on in my life! (And a sneak peak at some blogs I really need to post!)

Photographed a beautiful wedding at the San Sebastian Winery.
Photographed a one year old's birthday photo session with ooey gooey cupcakes! It's very hard to not eat them yourself, with how sugary sweet they smell! Don't ya just love this little princess.
A couple's portrait session of a fellow photographer and his girl.
A wedding at NAS JAX. Caught this shot in that moment the couples walk back down the aisle and are usually taking a minute to talk. I just loved how the plants framed them. This is a vintage coloring, in case you are wondering why it looks desaturated.
And this is a photo I took earlier this week. We bought this show winning guy to be the roo for our flock of girls but yesterday morning I went out to the coop to find him dead. Apparantally a opossum thought he would be a good meal. So, the chickens are sleeping in the bathtub until their new, stronger coop gets finished. I felt like a horrible chicken parent. In one way it's the food chain at work in another way, he was my little chicken and was just starting to come to me when I called! Poor guy, wasn't he beautiful!
(If you haven't read my past post about it, I'm raising Chinese Silkie Chickens, they look like half rabbits because their feathers have no barbs so it feels like soft fur. They are much calmer and sweeter than standard chickens. And smaller, they weigh about 2 lbs when full grown. We hope to eventually show some at a fair, for fun. If you want any, we occasionally have some for sale, just ask or watch for pics of new babies!)