Friday, October 24, 2008


I know what you're thinking---"another chicken post!" LOL. Yes, another chicken post. I have had several customers ask about our chickens so I figured I'd keep posting as events occur.

This is what they look like in the incubator hatching. If you look at the top egg, you can see the beak in the hole. The chicks are inside a little sac inside the egg, they pip (or break through) the air sac and then pip through the shell. Then they turn and crack it all the way around before pushing themselves out.

This next shot was from yesterday morning when we only had 4 babies. I have this felt kid's hat and the chicks just seem to love it as a surrogate mommy.

We ordered two dozen eggs online of show girl chicks. They are silkies but they have a gene that makes them have no feathers on their neck. We have 12 babies, 11 of them are considered bow tied, which means they have some feathers on the front bottom of their neck and one completely showgirl, naked neck.

We are REALLY wanting a white one and I think one is def. going to be a white one, and we have a couple of light yellows that have a chance, maybe of being white or a gorgeous buff/red color. We also have 3 dark ones. One is the blackest I have ever seen, we are calling her Shadow. Then there is one with medium darkness and another one with TONS of silver fluff.

I took this shot last night.

And this is our only non bowtied showgirl. My husband says we should call her helmet since it looks like she is wearing a helmet. There's a singer named "Helmut" so I told him if it was a girl her name will be that if it's a rooster it'll be "Helmet."

My husband came home last night and asked me if I had seen the adults of these birds. I had. I could tell in his tone that he thought they were horribly ugly. When I first started seeing them, I did too, but they slowly grew on me. It's like that saying "so ugly their cute."
When they are adults they'll look like little Vegas show girls, with poofy hats and a boa body!