Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A library wedding

Who knew you could get married at the library?

The library in Ponte Vedra has a nice little veranda outside overlooking a little pond and that's exactly where Erin & Jack tied the knot.

Jack, dressed in his white sailor suit. I love the vintage coloring on this one, as he's looking back towards his wife-to-be walking down the aisle towards him.
A memory lane (glowish look with a yellowy coloring) filter on this one.
I love shooting couples as they walk past me down the aisle after just becoming man and wife. They always look so happy and you get the best smiles!
The reception was at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. The couple walked in and immediately started scoping everything out. Their curiosity directed itself into some nice images without me saying a thing.

There was a nice, beautiful sky that day. I didn't add anything to the sky in these photos--it's all natural. There was a little rain for the ceremony, but the rain stayed away for the couple's personal photos.
It might sound cheezy, but I love this next shot. The way the light is hitting the logo on his shirt, the color of the champagne, just reminds me of an ad in a magazine.
This next one is a commom problem at almost every wedding. A mom, a sister, a bridesmaid, someone is always asking the bride, "where is the hook, how do you hook this thing?" And then a search ensues by everyone in the area for several minutes trying to get the train up. : >

The cute newlyweds in their limo.