Monday, November 3, 2008

The little blue Indian outfit

Most people don't know that I am the eldest of five. The youngest are twin girls.

Recently, my twin sister (not MY twin, just my sister that is a twin, lol) was asked to come to this hotel for a modeling thing. She went and they wanted like $2,000 from her to represent her and she would have to use their photographers, etc. She called me to ask me what I thought. A quick search on the web revealed that the company was a scam. I told her to run.

When the twins were younger they were chunky, but Lauren has been losing weight and both twins have nicely defined faces. They def. got that from THEIR father.

Staci, of Makeup Expressions by Staci, and I went thrift store shopping for props for Lauren's modeling session and found some awesome stuff, from vintage hats, an adorable blue pea coat, to this awesome outfit.

Staci was joking when she pulled it from the racks, but I immediately fell in love with the color. And out of all of Lauren's outfits, this one was my favorite.

Because of that, I'm devoting a blog, just to some of the photos from the Indian outfit.

Her hand is chopped off, but I love ths shot anyways.
I put a vintage filter on this one as it works great on blues. And I love how playful Lauren looks.

Hair by Christy, at the Bella la Vita Salon in Mandarin, did an awesome job on her hair. You can book your own appt with her at 382-3376.