Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mimi & Buddy

Katie has been bringing her kids to me to be photographed for several years now. I hadn't seen her in quite awhile--like most people, life just got in the way. She was going to medical school and the kids and family were having their typical ups and downs.

She finally made it in last weekend with the kids to get Christmas photos done. The kids didn't recognize me, but I remembered them. It's funny how children's attitudes change. The first time I photographed them Mimi didn't want to sit still and be photographed, second time, Buddy didn't. This time I managed to get some good shots of both of them without a parent holding them in place, lol!

This one kind of makes me laugh. He reminds me of a little kid in a commercial. Like he's playing like he's flying--thus his feet are in the air.
Buddy just thought that hat was too funny! Made him smile, that's all that matters! I love the vintage coloring on photos with a lot of color.

This is their holiday card photo this year.

I don't have kids and sometimes I don't remember what the "magic words" are that make kids do what you need them to. I tried getting Buddy to sit Indian style and he looked at me weird. Finally, momma says "criss cross apple sauce." LOL.
He just rocked on his butt. Like a typical little one does sitting in that position, grabbing his shoes as he rocked. I think the photo just brings back memories of a 1st grade hallway with tons of little kids on their butt rocking like that and giggling.