Sunday, November 9, 2008

City Girls Boutique

One of my favorite sessions to do is kids. Kids and pets can be quite tricky and normally parents get frustrated and just want the kids to smile. Often, they just don't think any of the pics aren't going to be good cause the kid just didn't want to really do what momma says at that moment. But I try to hold out for that little smirk and I have never had a session where I didn't get some adorable shots of a little kid who seemed like would never smile.

That's not what this blog is about though. Although, it does have little kids in it, both of which were difficult to get to smile! It's actually about some ads I did for City Girls Boutique which sells tutus.

These are some photos from those sessions. The first collage is from one of the kids, but is more of a personal pic for mom, who just loved this winter hat. Daddy called it the "pigtail hat" because it made her look like she had pigtails. LOL.

I love this shot of her just walking away with that candy bucket!

If you want some tutus for your little princess, check out City Girls on Myspace.
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