Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playing catch up

Been playing catch up today. Finished 3 albums and had them ordered for clients. Placed an order for client holiday cards and orders.

Still have a wedding I need to finish editing. Tons of personal photos I need to go through as well. I've been working on an album of my own photos and it feels like I'm never going to finish it, lol.

Here are some from the Jacksonville fair.

We were walking around looking for fattening foods when I looked at the ferris wheel and saw the light hitting it just right. I love ferris wheel photos in general, but I really loved how the light was playing off the metal. (Virtually NO photoshop editing to the ferris wheel photos.)

There's a Counting Crows song where he talks about how he loves the contrast of "white on white." This next photo reminds me of that.
Of course, having chickens we had to see what other chickens are out there. We really like these guys. Not sure what the deal is with our obsession with chickens and crazy fros.
My husband Andy and our friend's daughter Calista looking at chickens. Notice she's carrying a rooster Webkinz. (For those who don't have kids, it's like a beanie baby you register online and they have a whole community for kids.)
For this next one, I had to wait for a bit until the calf moved her head into the right position and the light fell on her so perfectly.
I don't know if I like the color or B&W version better.