Tuesday, December 16, 2008

April's family session

April was one of my first real portrait sessions with my studio lights about 2 years ago. Before that time I was doing mostly news work and would be asked to do a couple of portraits on the side occasionally.

Well April called recently and booked her family's photo session as they hadn't had a group shot in 10 years! (I photographed her kids at home the first time.)

This is the toner effect, but ti kind of gives images a mix between a sepia (red) and a B&W look.
This one has a special filter which has a glow to it, which the family loved last time around.

And a vintage coloring.

I can't believe Christmas is NEXT week. It's too warm out for that. I'm in the studio today wearing flip flops! If anyone else needs a family portrait I do have some availability for this week and very little for next week. Sessions this week will likely be done by Christmas, (prints depend on size, etc.) but sessions next week won't be done until after Christmas.