Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kaitlyn and her kitty Sebastian

Kaitlyn and her mommy have been trying to come in for photos for a couple of weeks. When she finally did get a chance to come in for pics, one of Kaitlyn's kitties got sick in the car and they had to go home. Appointment number two same thing. So for the third appointment, Kaitlyn's mommy decided to leave one of the kitty's home (she apparantally gets car sick, thus causing the problem).

So Kaitlyn and her kitty Sebastian had their own shoot, with photos of each of them alone and together.

I love this one because it's like they are thinking alike.

In other news. There will be some changes with the new year. New packages, etc. So watch for the updates!


Riley Creations said...
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Riley Creations said...

Awwa, those are two of my babies up there. Aren't they beautiful. Okay, Mommy is proud can you tell?

You are an extremely talented photographer. And, I totally agree, you definately need to be making what you are worth. Keep up the beautiful work lady!

Cynthia said...

Yay!! Yeah, that's my baby! (i.e. granddaughter...well, the youngest of almost seven!) I was really impressed with Marion and Jon's wedding photos, and I LOVE the ones you did of Kaitlyn (and Sebastian).

I like your list of resolutions too! I agree too you should get paid for what you EARN...people just don't understand in so many cases you're paying for not just "a bunch of photos" but experience, education, expertise, etc. What a nerve it must take to ask a professional to do what they do for a living for free!

Best of luck in 2009! I don't know a lot of people, but when/if I can, I will definitely be referring anyone who wants photos done to you...your work is really great! And creative...I love that aspect your photos!